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Barcelona Bar Only Hires Staff Over 50-Years-Old

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Barcelona Bar Only Hires Staff Over 50-Years-Old

A bar in Barcelona is making headlines after instating a policy to only hire waiters and bar staff over 50-years-old. The Entrepanes Díaz bar in Carrer de Pau Claris now hires five staff members that are 50 or over with the owner, Kim Díaz, telling The Guardian his goal was to recreate the atmosphere of a 1950s bar in Madrid or seville.

“I was looking for waiters who are over 50 because I knew they’d be fantastic and because society has unjustly pushed them out of the job market,” Díaz told The Guardian, “These guys have 20 or 30 years of experience, a lifetime. Here the waiter’s profession is in decline but the people I’ve employed see it as a vocation.”

Rafael, one of the new over 50 staff members at the bar, said he had trouble finding work because of his age. He welcomes the idea and thinks it makes for good business, “it makes sense to employ people of my age. We’re making a comeback, we’re not going to complain. We’re here to work, to get along with people, get paid and do a good job. And clients notice this, the experience we have and the good service they get.”

Perhaps the idea could catch on and if you want to visit Barcelona to see what it's like, here's our very own Barcelona City Tasting Tour.

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