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A Glimpse of Albert Adria's Enigma Restaurant

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A Glimpse of Albert Adria's Enigma Restaurant

The Enigma restaurant, which Albert Adria told us would be his last ever restaurant, has been quietly serving diners in Barcelona for the past month and even though many people have been asked to avoid posting pictures on social media while dining at the restaurant, it’s hard for most not to show off the dishes. 

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants posted a couple of images of new dishes and many pics of the restaurant's beautiful interior have already been shared.

Pea teardrops and frozen caviar / kid goat belly with pomegranate.




Adria himself has kept people excited with his Enigma Concept Instagram account, something which offers a rare glimpse of what the team are working on. It’s been reported there is a strict policy on pictures from inside the restaurant, but some details have been getting out.

There are apparently around 40 mini courses served during a dinner that takes place in different areas - one of which is a throwback to the chef’s 41 Degrees experience. Diners are asked to expect to dine for two to three hours and apparently there's a passcode given so people can enter through an electronic lock. 

Take a look at some pics below, we can't wait to see the full menu. 


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