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Ferran Adrià announces February 2020 date for elBulli1846

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Ferran Adrià announces February 2020 date for elBulli1846

elBulli is back. Legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià is to reopen his world famous elBulli concept eight years after it closed. However, it won’t serve food, instead ‘elBulli1846’ will act as a museum of culinary innovation.

The restaurant famed for its molecular gastronomy avant-garde approach to culinary art held three Michelin stars and won the top accolade in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants a record five times.

Yesterday Adrià said he will reopen elBulli, but it will function as a laboratory and "museum of culinary innovation", rather than a restaurant.

After walking away from the restaurant at the very peak of its powers Adrià formed the elBullifoundation to continue the ethos, philosophy and spirit of culinary innovation, to keep promoting creativity and share it with everyone with the will and spirit to improve, evolve and innovate, making them participants in the past, present and future experience, researching and experimenting to accelerate talent and help everyone seek their own limits.

“The mission of ‘elBulli1846’ is ... to create quality knowledge of restaurant gastronomy and everything that surrounds it,” the 56-year-old Catalan said before his appearance at the Madrid Fusion gastronomic congress.

The number in the name is a tribute to Auguste Escoffier, who was born in 1846 and pioneered haute cuisine and revered by chefs the world over.

Despite its reputation as the best restaurant in the world, elBulli was making huge losses and Adrià decided to direct his attentions to securing his culinary legacy as well as disseminating his philosophy and techniques to a new generation of chefs.

‘eBulli1846’ is part of that legacy and, as it will open in February 2020 in eBulli’s original location near the town of Roses, Catalonia, Spain, it will serve as a physical reminder of the restaurant’s greatness as well as a continuation of the spirit innovation.

Could it be that this might be the first tentative steps back to restaurant service for Ferran Adria and eBulli?

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