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elBulli Reopening, a Joke

By FDL on

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elBulli Reopening, a Joke

It seems that all the unconfirmed reports online suggesting that the Spanish chef Ferran Adrià was to reopen his world famous elBulli restaurant in its original location of Cala Montjoi were infact a joke from his long time colleague and friend,  Juli Soler.

Soler was the manager of elBulli and worked closely with Ferran throughout the golden years. His comment that elBulli was reopening sparked mass reports across twitter from people attending the Alimentaria food fair, taking place in Barcelona (ES).

The reports came from twitter but it was one from Gabriella Ranelli, who runs and was attending the event, that caught our eye:

Stop the presses #elBulli to reopen in Cala Montjoi as the shack on the beach that it once was! #alimentaria2012

We have since spoken with Gabriella who told us that the whole thing was a cruel culinary joke played by Soler. We were sceptical as Ferran has been very busy lately and publically expressed his intentions to reopen elBulli as a culinary institute in 2014. While at the Cancun Riviera Wine & Food festival the chef (in the picture above in that occasion) also told audiences about his plans to open a new Mexican restaurant in Barcelona in 2012, and revealed his new project LaBullipedia, a culinary version of the popular website Wikipedia.

Cooking in Progress, a documentary which followed Ferran and his team as they developed a new elBulli menu, was released today and FDL, along with other people, may have fallen for a well placed PR stunt. We'll never know for sure but one thing is certain, there's still a lot of people out there who still crave the chance to sit at the table of the world famous elBulli

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