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elBulli Foundation Faces Opposition

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elBulli Foundation Faces Opposition

The elBulli Foundation could see new set backs in a finishing date after more than 50,000 people signed an online petition to stop Ferran Adria building the foundation inside the Cap de Creus natural park in Spain.

Adria was granted permission to build his modern complex inside the park after he closed his elBulli restaurant back in 2011. The foundation is attended to operate as a place for research, a museum exhibition and space to invite thinkers from a number of different disciplines to innovate together.

The petition, started on, claims the park is ‘highly vulnerable’ and that the natural surroundings don’t need any new tourist attractions.

The site is planned to open in 2015 but with the petition against the building attracting so much attention and calls for Adria to find a new location ‘outside of the park’ - the project may well be facing some delays.




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