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Chef Serves Eight Courses of Boa Constrictor - Including Salad

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Chef Serves Eight Courses of Boa Constrictor - Including Salad

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Now ask yourself how it stands up against devouring an eight course tasting menu of snake, Boa Constrictor to be precise.

In China eating the snake is said to be an aphrodisiac that also improves virility, so with this in mind off went Vice and their Munchies series to an undisclosed restaurant in L.A. for some Boa Constrictor cuisine.

The video is pretty full on as the chef, Lupe Liang, cuts off the head of the snake and lets the blood drain before getting ready to prepare the animal into all sorts of different dishes - even the skin is served after being boiled for two hours and used in a salad.

The video also explores a number of other ingredients that are thought to improve performance in the bedroom.

The meal goes on to reveal snake belly which is deep fried, a soup, braised snake tendon with shitake mushrooms, more soups and one with rice and congealed snake blood.

Take a look for a real voyage into the unknown but be warned, it’s a little gruesome at the beginning.

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