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Why We Should Eat Insects - Infographic

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Why We Should Eat Insects - Infographic

There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about how the human race, especially in the Western World, will have to shift our eating habits to a more insect based diet.

Eating insects is already common in places like China and Thailand and we've reported on Rene Redzepi and his ants before at FDL HQ.

There's a number of reason for the need to eat more insects and one of those is the fact that when farmed they produce a lot less green house gasses than livestock.

Take a look at this great infographc from the team over at the Food Service Warehouse - they have laid out some info on how much green house gasses are produced by livestock, how much is produced by transport and just how much would be produced if we chose to farm insects instead of livestock.

Food Service Warehouse
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