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10 Best Cities for Gluten-Free Dining

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10 Best Cities for Gluten-Free Dining

Where once those eating gluten-free were limited to some pretty horrendous food choices when dining out, many restaurants in major cities have now upped their game and broadened their menus, introducing tasty and inventive dishes to cater for those who are compelled/choose to eat gluten-free.

With that in mind, this useful infographic from Travel Supermarket details the 10 best global cities for gluten-free dining, based on thousands of restaurant reviews. Unsurprisingly, hipster havens Portland, Oregon and San Francisco feature, but it’s Prague that tops the list.

It also includes some handy restaurant recommendations, as well as instructions on how to say ‘gluten-free’ in various languages, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you asked for.

In a similar vein, check out this infographic detailing the 10 best global cities for vegetarians.

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