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Want to eat less? Red could be the answer

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Want to eat less? Red could be the answer
Photo Courtesy Ava Weintraub / Flickr

Colors have significance in our lives, we all have a favorite and many of us attach certain feelings and emotions to them. Yellow may be warm and sunny - blue cold, or a dark blue friendly.

Now red may start to take on a whole new significance, especially when it comes to food, in particularly how much food we eat. A team, from the University of Basel in Switzerland, has discovered that eating food from a red plate or drinking from a red trimmed glass can make a person consume less.

For some people red may signify love but for most, if not all, red is the universal sign for danger and stop. And the researchers believe that on a subconscious level this has an affect on the amount of food and drink a person consumes.

The pair who co-authored the study, Oliver Genschow and Leonie Reutner, are both doctoral students in psychology. They said: 'We believe that color is an important factor to consider when aiming to reduce consumption of unhealthy food and beverages.'

They tested participants by placing pretzels on white, blue and red plates and found that during the study more people ate from blue, then white and finally red. The same occurred with cups that had matching colour schemes.

The pair went on to say that the figures are too small to be conclusive as to whether or not this could be used as some sort of dietary aid but that they will continue their research in the future. 

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