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10 easy no bake desserts recipes: sweet ideas for quick desserts

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10 easy no bake desserts recipes: sweet ideas for quick desserts

Easy no-bake dessert recipes with few ingredients are a dream. They can be prepared rather quickly and taste amazing, especially if you take an extra second to garnish them with fresh fruit, herbs or a drizzle of a seductive liqueur.

Give these no-bake dessert recipes a try next time you want a simple but elegant dessert made with a few ingredients you probably already have in the pantry. Take a look:

Kiwi and Coconut Flan

A flan that you don't have to bake? Absolutely! This stunning yet easy no-bake dessert is made with gelatine so it only requires a few hours in the fridge to set.

Learn how to make this kiwi and coconut flan.

Elderflower Fritters

A delicate and beautiful no-bake dessert you can make with few ingredients including fresh elderflowers, flour, eggs and sugar.

Get the recipe for these delectable elderflower fritters.

No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake Bites

This vegan-friendly cheesecake recipe is perfect for entertaining. Soaked cashews and coconut milk combine for a beautifully creamy filling spread over a walnut and date crust. Yum!

Learn how to make these no-bake vegan cheesecake bites.

Pistachio Kulfi Ice Cream

Did you know you could make Indian ice cream (aka kulfi) with just five ingredients? Well, that's if you don't count the fancy silver foil garnish. 

Find the recipe for pistachio kulfi here.

Chocolate and Vanilla Trifle

This special chocolate and vanilla trifle is infused with rum but you leave it out. The best part? It comes together in just minutes and keeps well in the fridge.

Get this chocolate and vanilla trifle recipe.

Vegan Chia Seed Pudding

Coconut milk adds decadence to this pudding while the chia seeds add a pleasant pop in the mouth. Plus, this dessert easily doubles as breakfast. 

Get the recipe for this vegan chia seed pudding.

Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream

Four ingredients is all you'll need to make this rich and creamy paleo vanilla ice cream. Let the ice cream machine and the freezer do the work while you chill.

Learn how to make this paleo vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate, Almond and Coconut Bars

Here is a fun no-bake dessert that is packed with protein and antioxidants. It is made with seven ingredients including butter, honey and cornflakes.

Click here for this easy chocolate bar recipe.

Nectarine and Watermelon Sorbet

We can't decide what we like most about this no-bake dessert. The color? The irresistible flavor? Or the fact that it is made with rosé wine?

Try this nectarine and watermelon sorbet recipe now.

Coconut Ladoo

When it comes to easy no-bake dessert recipes with few ingredients coconut ladoo should be at the top of your list. You need just three ingredients to whip this this Indian delicacy.

Get the recipe for coconut ladoo now.

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