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Restaurant Owner's Amazing Response to Negative Review

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Restaurant Owner's Amazing Response to Negative Review

Restaurant owners have a hard time with online reviews, but at least when it comes to criticism of the food or service it’s to be expected.

However, a restaurateur in Sligo, Ireland was forced to respond to a negative Trip Advisor review that questioned his integrity – for not returning a customer’s lost property quickly enough.

The customer in question, who was visiting from Australia, left the negative review after Eala Bahn owner Anthony Gray had failed to return the windbreaker jacket he had left in the restaurant within a week.

The customer had spoken to Mr Gray and arranged to pay for postage, but with no jacket and having not had a response to a couple of emails, he decided to vent his frustrations on Trip Advisor, saying “food might be ok but integrity is seriously lacking.”

Mr Gray though had the perfect response, reeling off a list of reasons why he was entitled to be, like the customer, forgetful from time to time, and they’re pretty hard to argue with.

Read the whole exchange below. Reminds us of quite possibly the best ever chef response to a negative review

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