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Scientists Develop Wine From Durian, the World's Stinkiest Fruit

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Scientists Develop Wine From Durian, the World's Stinkiest Fruit
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When it comes to durian, a pungent fruit found in Southeast Asia, you either hate it or love it. The smell of this exotic fruit is so intense it has been banned in public transportation and hotels. While durian is riddled with controversy researchers in Singapore are hoping to turn it into wine.

Reuters reports scientists at the National University of Singapore are currently experimenting with ways of making wine from durian, which has spiky green skin and pale yellow pulp.

To turn durian into wine the fruit has to be cracked open and its pulp removed. The pulp is then pureed with water to promote fermentation. This process yields a clear wine with 6% alcohol.

''For durian lovers it will be an interesting product to try because they love durian in the first place, like myself. For the non-durian lovers actually after the fermentation the pungent smell, the objectives, the repulsive smell of durian is reduced. So, actually they will dare to try,'' said Francisca Taniasuri, a researcher at the university's food science and technology program.

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