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Drone Food Delivery Service to Launch in Europe

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Drone Food Delivery Service to Launch in Europe

Residents of Vuosaari in Helsinki, Finland, will soon be able to get salmon sandwiches, lasagne for two, and pastel de nadas within just minutes of ordering on their apps, thanks to drones. 

Autonomous delivery drone project Wing will be launching in Europe in the coming weeks. Wing is part of the Google company Alphabet and has been testing the drone service for years in rural Australia. It has been in full operation in Canberra for the past month.

In Helsinki, Wing has partnered up local businesses Herkku Food Market and Cafe Monami and will be offering small food package deliveries including local favourites such as meatballs, Finnish pastries and pastel de nada. The special delivery drones weigh just 5 kgs and can carry packages up to 1.5kg, travelling up to 20km on a single charge. 

To use the service, customers can order via the Wing mobile app. Wing software automatically calculates the route from the store to the customer and once the flight plan is uploaded to the drone, the drone launches and arrives at the store for pick up. Packages are connected to the drone via an extendable tether beneath the drone, and are delivered to the destination. At both pick up and delivery, Wing drones hover at a height of 7m above the ground and uses its tether to pick up and drop off the package. 

It is hoped that drones could reduce traffic congestion and the environmental impact of road transportation. Wing estimates that in Australia’s ACT territory, it can reduce traffic congestion by up to 35 million vehicle kilometres each year by 2030. 

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