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A Wine Created by Drew Barrymore

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A Wine Created by Drew Barrymore
Photo Courtesy of Wilson Daniels

Actress, screen director, model - one of Charlie's Angels. There's no denying that the Hollywood superstar Drew Barrymore has had a diverse, and sometimes turbulent, career. From Golden Globes to becoming an ambassador for the UN World Food Programme and even spending time in Rehab.

Throughout all this she has maintained a long-standing tradition of changing her career, diversifying and remodeling the Barrymore brand whenever it's needed - but it's the E.T actresses latest product launch that caught our attention.

Barrymore has released her first wine after announcing she would be stepping into the industry back in 2011. It comes in the form of a $19.99 bottle of Pinot Grigio imported from the Triveneto region of Italy and will be available throughout California. It's 12 percent and the actress has teamed up with Wilson Daniels Ltd., a well known wine importer, to deliver the brands selection.

It seems California will act as a place to gauge response. Taste will reign supreme on this one, who knows, maybe she has what it takes to succeed in the industry. However, as the quizical scratch of the head in the picture above may suggest, we're not too sure Barrymore will be the one rolling barrels of wine or squashing grapes anytime soon...

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