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Drew Barrymore Hints at Producing French and Argentinian Wine

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Drew Barrymore Hints at Producing French and Argentinian Wine
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When Drew Barrymore first announced she was entering the wine business, many didn't take the actress seriously. Now that her pinot grigio from Italy's Triveneto region is enjoying some success, the actress is exploring the possibility of producing more wine outside of Italy.

"I have to say, I'm very loyal to Italian wines because I drank them most of life. I was a big Chianti girl. But your palate changes, your adventures change,'' she told Zagat blog during an interview. The Hollywood A-lister admitted she'd like to curate a rosé from Provence or an Argentinean malbec.

Perhaps Barrymore has been inspired by the French rosé launched by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Barrymore has always been a chamaleon so we are very excited to hear about her next venture. It'll be a while before we taste a Barrymore rosé or malbec, but why not enjoy her fruit pinot grigio now? 

Via Zagat Blog

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