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Behold The Doughscuit, the Latest Cronut Contender

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Behold The Doughscuit, the Latest Cronut Contender
Photo Endgrain Restaurant/Facebook

Have you heard of the doughscuit? Sold in Chicago, the doughnut and biscuit hybrid is the latest pastry to challenge the legendary Cronut

The name may not be as catchy as Dominique Ansel's Cronut, the croissant-doughnut hybrid that rose to fame last year,  but doughscuit inventors Enoch and Caleb Simpson of Endgrain Restaurant seem to be on to something. Just ask NPR's Ian Chillag.

Chillag first stumbled upon the doughscuit at Chicago's Donut Fest. After about 10 samples of goodies, he'd had enough doughnuts for one day. That is, until he encountered the magical but ''humble'' doughscuit. Here's how he explains the pastry's mystique:

"But their doughscuit — half doughnut, half biscuit — was transcendent, an impossible mix of doughnut-fried sweetness and crumbly biscuitness. Every last nook of free space in my body was full, and I bought extras. I ate one at home later. The next morning I had more. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to finish writing this sentence without going out to get another."

Caleb and Enoch Simpson (left to right)

Before the doughscuit came along, Endgrain Restaurant already made unique doughnuts in flavors like Bacon Butterscotch, Blackberry Peppercorn and Peaches and Cream. But customers kept asking for a Cronut-like offspring so the brothers obliged.

Their new pastry debuted last fall under the name Biscnut. It was glazed with honey and filled with creme fraiche and  hailed by the restaurant as "a cross between the best biscuit, and doughnut you have ever had. It's amazing!"

While the name has evolved, the flavor seems to have gained quite a few fans. We've yet to try it in person but will surely squeeze it into our next trip to the Windy City.

Will the doughscuit ever be as popular as the Cronut? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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