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Are These The Best Doughnuts in America?

By FDL on

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Are These The Best Doughnuts in America?

How long would you queue for a Doughnut ? 10 minutes, 20, half-an-hour? Whatever you think about this - would you queue for hours for a doughnut?

As crazy as a doughnut waiting of over an hour may seem it's exactly how long some people will wait to try a sample of the wonderful delights on offer at the Doughnut Vault - a small gourmet doughnut shop in Chicago with a team of just three people.

They've recently released a time lapse video of people waiting in a Saturday morning queue to buy their doughnuts. It's raining, it's hot and remember they're doughnuts - this is not a cue for tickets for Bob Dylan's last ever gig or the launch of a new ipad - they're doughnuts.

The queue starts an hour before the store opens and is gone just 2 hours after, they sold over 1000 doughnuts in this small time window. This is very strong brand loyalty and something that's difficult to build, even for the world's biggest companies. The Doughnut Vault's cult following is something they've earned and our guess is that these must be one fine and tasty doughnut.

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