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UK Supermarket to Sell Guaranteed Double-Yolk Eggs

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UK Supermarket to Sell Guaranteed Double-Yolk Eggs

The double-yolker - the stuff of legends, folklore in some parts. It’s a rare occasion, a magic moment, not one but two creamy yellow yolks housed perfectly inside one shell.

It happened to me once, twice actually in succession. I stood at the pan after shouting my friend to see the first double yolker, no sooner had he turned to leave the kitchen before I was I jumping in the air and calling him back in - because I my friends had just cracked a second double—yolker, honestly, it was a quad yolk moment.

The odds of this happening are around one in a million - or at least they were until today. That’s because the magic chance of a double yolker has been bottled, packed and sold with the news that the Marks & Spencers supermarket chain in the UK are to start selling packs of guaranteed double-yolk eggs.

The chain will use a technique called candling to hold eggs up to light and identify which ones contain more than one yolk. A box of six double-yolk eggs, 12 yolks, will cost £2.75.

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