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Why Eating Sushi on a Monday is Perfectly Fine

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Why Eating Sushi on a Monday is Perfectly Fine

There’s a long held myth that you should’t eat sushi on Mondays. Anthony Bourdain, the man who helped perpetuate the myth when he wrote about how the last fish order at sushi restaurants usually arrives on a Friday, has even tried to dispel it. But no matter what is said, people still follow what has become a hard rule for many.

Sushi chef and Iron Chef tv celeb Masaharu Morimoto also tries to squash the rumour in the video below as he explains exactly how a good sushi restaurant operates and how all fish is frozen as soon as it arrives. 

This man speaks a lot of sense and even though he’s been swept up in the showbiz whirlpool, he still has a strong passion for his dream of running a solid sushi restaurant, “I want to be known as a legitimate chef,” he says.

The video is 13 minutes long but really is worth the watch. With 40 years of experience in the kitchen and a wonderful way of expressing what it’s all about, Morimoto is great to learn from.

He also must be one of the only sushi chefs in the world to have served ketchup to a guest when they asked for it.

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