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Dominique Crenn: First Three-Star Female Chef in The States

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Dominique Crenn: First Three-Star Female Chef in The States

Dominique Crenn has become the first female chef in the United States to receive the prestigious three-star rating by the world famous Michelin guidebook.

The chef, who runs Atelier Crenn, joins just a handful of women around the world to take the coveted crown of three-stars from Michelin.

Crenn arrived in San Francisco as a young cook back in the 80s where she worked at places like Star, Campton Place and Luce.

She opened Atelier Crenn in 2011, cooking her distinct take of hyper-delicious cuisine presented with a story, with emotion and often with poetry. In 2013 the restaurant went straight in at two-stars, making Crenn the first female in America to sit in Michelin’s top tier.

She refers to her cooking as “poetic cuisine” and is a person who purposely wants to present herself in her food. Tasting menus are not delivered as a standard list of courses, instead, guests are given a poem with each new line providing a hint of the dishes to follow.

Dining at Atelier Crenn is a unique experience, it’s fun, refined and some of the most delicious food in San Francisco.

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