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Canines Fine Dine with London's First Restaurant for Dogs

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Canines Fine Dine with London's First Restaurant for Dogs

London’s been home to some pretty crazy food concepts as of late, we’ve seen an all cereal cafe, a place that promises to deep fry every dish they serve and now a pop-up restaurant that caters for dogs.

That’s right, The Curious Canine Kitchen say they are Britain’s “first, holistic, pop-up fine diner for dogs.”

Opening tomorrow, the cafe will offer some rather spoilt dogs a special five-course meal including dishes like seaweed popcorn, textures of tripe with seaweed and kale puree, crispy paddywhack with reishi mushrooms and a main course of  steamed chicken with kale and dandelion quinoa. This will also be paired with drinks like coconut water and beef consommé. Desserts include a Poochie Chia Pud with coconut, honey, blueberry and almond milk and the final bites will be a piquant Marrow Bone for good teeth cleaning.

Dog owners will also have the chance to eat with some nobbles such as paprika kale chips and raw pizzas made with dehydrated mushrooms - though it seems the dogs are actually getting a much better menu.

Take a look at the restaurant’s site for more, even better, (paw) details.

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