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Hashtags of the Day: #Diwali and #HappyDiwali

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Hashtags of the Day: #Diwali and #HappyDiwali

#Diwali and #HappyDiwali, a delightful Hindu festival that is highly popular on the web from India to the USA, everything is ready for #Diwali, the life-celebrating festival of lights which starts today 11 November and offers an occasion for getting together with your loved ones, letting off fireworks and preparing the typical sweet specialities (you can check out a list of Diwali sweet recipes explained here).


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In this festive season, the Indian city streets are even more colourful and boisterous than usual, owing to the presence of decorations (and firecrackers) leading up to Diwali, one of the most important Hindu celebrations. During this event – which starts on 11 November nearly every year and lasts for five days – the victory of good over evil is celebrated by renovating homes and offices, lighting candles inside and outside homes and getting together with the family.

Traditions may vary from one region to another but one aspect remains constant: food, especially prepared for the occasion, plays a fundamental role. You will realize just how true this is by taking a look at the hashtag #Diwali on the social networks where the culinary aspects of this festival reign supreme...

diwali sweets: what's the best?

What is the best sweet to prepare for this year’s Diwali? The Twitter polls are in full swing: is it Kaju Katli, a typical star-shaped silver sweet containing cashew paste or Gulab Jamun (little balls fried and aromatized with rose water and honey)?

Chittu Urundai, delicious little balls made from vegetables (dwarf beans) and brown sugar are typically eaten during Indian festivities. There are numerous videos posted on the social networks showing their preparation:

Yet more recipes: for #Diwali this tag is popular worldwide (together with the well wishing #HappyDiwali), as are dinners and banquets in which traditional sweet dishes are the protagonists. These too come in a triumph of colours, just like those of the Indian streets during the festive season.

Each family has its own traditional recipe. What about the sweets? It is customary to make them and offer them as gifts.

Even leading Indian newspapers, such as the Hindustan Times, publish photos of delicious sweets and impart advice on how to cook them, as well as how to get rid of those extra kilos when the feast is over.

Twitter India also dedicates an emoji to Diwali, associated with the hashtag #HappyDiwali

In the meantime on Instagram, the first pictures of festive table arrangements are starting to make their appearance


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