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Disney's Secret Supper Club

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Disney's Secret Supper Club

Secret clubs and societies have existed throughout history - The Knights Templar, The Free Masons and The Bilderberg Group - but have you heard of the Disney Club? Or The 33 Club to be more precise.  

Hearing the words 'Disney Club' may conjure images of Mickey Mouse, Goofy or even a pre-teen Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, way before they were famous.

But it probably doesn't conjure the thought of a high end private dining club that costs 10,000 dollars to enter with annual fees of around 6,000 dollars. A secret restaurant hidden within Disneyland - a restaurant that's rumored to have talking chandeliers and a mechanical vulture that joins in conversations with guests.

I was founded by Walt Disney himself and is known for it's fine dining menus, formal approach and respect for guests privacy. With just 487 members - what happens at Club 33 stays at Club 33 - no one who visits the park without a membership is allowed to dine at the club.

Lucky members gain admission to the park and attractions all year round and access to the only venue in Disneyland that sells alcohol. Very soon some of the people who have patiently sat for up to ten years on the waiting list will be invited to join as The Los Angeles Times is reporting that, for the first time in over a decade, Disney has opened the door to 800 new club members.

Located in the heart of Disney Land's New Orleans square, the club was built in 1967 and serves five star food. It has always been shrouded in secrecy and is not even mentioned on the Disney website. Anyone wishing to join can send a letter requesting to be added to the waiting list but with such exclusivity it's hard to tell how long you might wait for a chance to dine at Disney's secret restaurant.

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