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The Disgusting Food Museum will Feature 80 Different Foods

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The Disgusting Food Museum will Feature 80 Different Foods

One man’s nightmare is another man’s delicacy and depending on your view point, the Swede’s are about to open an entire museum dedicated to to disgusting foods.

Bull Penis, Rotting Shark and Maggot Cheese are just some of the 80 different items on the menu at The Disgusting Food Museum which opens in Malmo in Sweden on October 31st.

Most of the foods that made the so-called disgusting list are actually seen as delicacies or treats in their native country. For example, they list Guinea Pig in Peru as disgusting, they list fermented herring and they list durian fruit - all of them actually delicious treats.

The creator of the museum is Dr Samuel West, he is also responsible for the Museum of Failure which is also in Sweden.

"The evolutionary function of disgust is to help us avoid disease and unsafe food," states the museum's website. "Disgust is one of the six fundamental human emotions. While the emotion is universal, the foods that we find disgusting are not. What is delicious to one person can be revolting to another. Disgusting Food Museum invites visitors to explore the world of food and challenge their notions of what is and what isn’t edible. Could changing our ideas of disgust help us embrace the environmentally sustainable foods of the future?"

Food on display will be replaced every day and some of the more smelly exhibits will be kept inside medical grade sealed jars to contain the smell.

West says he hopes the museum will actually challenge people's perception of food at a time when we need to consider alternative proteins such as insects.

Visitors will be invited to taste and smell certain foods on display and those who are really brave can take part in Taste One for The Team - an event where guests will be invited to sample a tasting menu of the disgusting foods.

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