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This Restaurant is Giving Out Instagram Kits to Diners

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This Restaurant is Giving Out Instagram Kits to Diners
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If you think the rise of people obsessively photographing their food in restaurants is a sure sign of the end of days, then you might want to click away now, because a restaurant in London is providing diners with their very own Instagram kits at the table so they can take better photos and rack up the likes on the photo-sharing app.

The Soho branch of Dirty Bones, an American restaurant and cocktail bar, is providing the kits free of charge, the Mirror reports. Each kit contains an LED camera light, charger, clip-on wide angle camera lens, and a tripod selfie stick.

"We are constantly striving to create creative cocktails and dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. We're all about helping people capture that perfect shot," said the restaurant's founder Cokey Sulkin.

As Sulkin admits, Dirty Bones' clientele are the kind of people who love to post food pics, but even then, would you want to dine in a restaurant where everyone was waving a selfie stick around? 

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