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The Worst 'Dine-n-Dash' Ever

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The Worst 'Dine-n-Dash' Ever

We’ve heard of dine and dash, and we know how much the restaurant industry despises no-shows. But what about mass exit? That’s also a new one on us.

A restaurant owner in Spain says that around 120 diners ran away from his restaurant at the same time just before dessert was served.

Antonio Rodriguez, who runs the El Carmen restaurant in Bembibre, said the party of diners had rented his space, paying a deposit of 900 euros ($950). However, after consuming their starters, main courses and over 30 bottles of different alcoholic drinks - they stood up and ran.

Rodriguez, who is still owed 2,000 euros from the dinner, told the BBC they “left in a stampede” and that “it was something they had planned.”

“It happened in the space of a minute," he said.

We’ve come across some pretty bad customers in our time, but a mass exit of an entire restaurant is a new one on us. Rodriguez said that in 35 years of working in the restaurant industry, it’s also a new one on him.

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