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Binary Bite - Taste Your TV Shows

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Binary Bite - Taste Your TV Shows

A team of scientists at the University of Singapore are developing new technology that could one day allow to taste what we watch online.

Called a Digital Taste Interface, the device allows users to simulate the tastes of food and drinks through a metal sheet that's placed on the tongue.

The technology works to stimulate taste buds using electrodes allowing the basic tastes of salt, sweet, sour and bitter to be recreated.

Speaking about the creation Dr Nimesha Ranasinghe, an engineer who works on the project, said: At the moment we are expanding our technology to add the sense of smell into the experience, with the hope that by doing so we can expand the varieties of flavor sensations we can generate digitally."

It could one day find its way into games, television and even personal computers - a world in which we can taste what we watch and judge the contestants on the latest reality cooking show ourselves.

Via Food Beast

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