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Diet Tips For Every Personality

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Diet Tips For Every Personality
Photo © Anna Peisl / Corbis

Our relationship with food is a complicated one. Sure, we eat when we are hungry. But we also eat when we are depressed, happy, anxious or when caught off guard by the irresistible smell of freshly baked cookies. Cravings affect our eating habits but so does our personality and that is what food coach Karen Knowler proposes in her new book Eat Right For Your Personality Type.

Our relationship with food is directly related to our personality, according to Knowler. “Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, improve your health or find inner peace, learning your food personality type is a real head start.”

During more than a decade of coaching others on food and nutrition, Knowler observed that there are many different types of eaters and that we have individual ways of dealing with food. “Each of us has a different food personality, individual ways of thinking, feeling and acting around food, for a whole host of varied reasons – reasons which may not always serve our best interests and that often bring as much pain as they do pleasure.’’

Knowler categorizes eaters into 10 personalities. Discovering our personality type, she said, enables us to understand ourselves better and eat according to our individual needs.

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