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Want to Lose Weight? Just Grab Your Fork

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Want to Lose Weight? Just Grab Your Fork

It appears that focusing on cutlery not food is the way to go about a diet. At least according to Ivan Gavriloff, the French creator of the “forking diet”. The method, immensely popular with waistline-conscious Parisians, hinges on a simple rule: at dinner, you are only allowed to touch food with a fork. No knife, no spoon, no fingers. No cheating.

The diet does not require you to reduce drastically your calorie intake, nor should you give up on your favourite dishes. You just might not be able to have them at dinner: there is no meat or cheese without a knife, no sauces and almost no desserts without a spoon, no bread without your fingers. Food containing sugar will be all but eliminated as a consequence; animal fat will be greatly reduced.

Supporters of the practice claim you can lose up to 2 kilos per month without any of the irritability, anxiety and sense of deprivation that often come with a diet. While Gavriloff is not a nutritionist, a team of diet experts has validated the theory. Critics though note that the forking diet teaches nothing about the importance of a well-balanced diet, not does it prevent you, in principle, from gorging with two pounds of black forest gateau at lunch every day. Revolutionary diet or the latest fad: the foodie jury is still out.

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