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Diego Munoz Releases Pics of Menu at Astrid Y Gaston

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Diego Munoz Releases Pics of Menu at Astrid Y Gaston

Diego Munoz - chef at Astrid Y Gaston in Lima - has released a new set of images depicting his latest tasting menu creation at the restaurant.

Munoz has worked as head chef at Astrid Y Gaston for three years but was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year when owner Gaston Acurio officially retired from working at the restaurant, saying: “I knew that one day it would all overwhelm me and new battles were going to come and it was the time to find a young, talented, committed chef with the same passion that I had 20 years ago, Diego was the guy… I wanted Diego to lead everything.”

Munoz is a chef with a wealth of experience and some of the deepest technical understanding in any kitchen in Peru, proven with dishes that present unknown ingredients with perfect execution. One dish - which sees perfectly soft eggs encased inside a crusty fried shell immediately releasing their yolk at the stroke of a knife - shows this perfectly.

Interestingly the menu starts with sweet treats that mimic the afternoin desserts often enjoyed when children in Peru return from school. There's also a number of interesting cocktails pairings in the menu created by the bar manager Aaron Diaz

Take a look at some of the dishes below and see the full gallery on the chef’s Facebook page.

Sweets to Start

Cripsy Pork 

Cocktail in Ice 

Apple with Urchin 

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