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London's First Dessert Only Restaurant Opens at Cafe Royal

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London's First Dessert Only Restaurant Opens at Cafe Royal

Sweet toothed diners no longer need hold out for dessert, infact they can make a dinner of it at London's first dessert only restaurant. Opening on the 3rd March at the historic Cafe Royal hotel in Regent Street, London, sweets will take centre stage in three tasting menus paired with wine.

The mastermind behind the magical childhood themed dessert menus is executive pastry chef Sarah Barber, the first female pastry chef in the hotel’s 151-year history, seeking to invoke those childhood memories of sweet treats.

"The artistry of desserts always appealed to me more and that’s why I pursued it as my career. Desserts have been big news and have got huge in the past five years. There is a massive gap in the market here in London for any decent places to get dessert. In many top restaurants, dessert is an afterthought — it is never the reason that you go there. Here, cake is at the forefront — and all of the dishes are light so you can eat more of them.” Barber told London's Evening Standard.

The five-course Sarah In Wonderland menu includes elaborate dishes like Milky Way, with goat’s cheese, wild honey and beetroot snow; the Queen of Hearts, with raspberries, champagne and roses; and Eat Me, Drink Me, a Snickers and chocolate malt shake. (See photo below)

Two other tasting menus include the three-course Childhood Memories menu, with favourites like rhubarb and custard and Jaffa Cakes, and the Pick N Mix menu allowing guests to choose four dishes from across the menus.

Click here for the full menu.

Cafe Royal
68 Regent Street,
London W1B 4DY
United Kingdom


Albert Adria will also be at the Cafe Royal throughout April for his 50 day by Albert Adria. Find out more here.

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