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Young Guy Makes Fortune BBQ Line Sitting

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Young Guy Makes Fortune BBQ Line Sitting
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How’s this for entrepreneurship? A teenager has amassed thousands of Dollars standing in line for hungry adults at some of Texas’ most famed BBQ spots, where queues can stretch for hours.

15-year-old Desmond Roldan runs a service called BBQ Fast Pass based out of Austin, Texas, a city famed for its amazing BBQ restaurants. He started aged 13, by offering to queue sit at Franklin BBQ, consistently voted one of the best BBQ restaurants in America, where people can sometimes wait, as long as six hours for a bulging bag of brisket, pork and slaw.

Since Franklin banned line sitting, Roldan has switched his services to the similarly revered La Barbecue, where ravenous Texans can still wait up to two hours.

Roldan has already bought his first car with the money he’s earned, estimated to be close to $20,000, and is saving for college. What we really want to know however is, is he ever tempted to eat customers’ food? “I keep it strictly professional, so no,” he told the Independent.

Some of the best BBQ in the world without the wait – we’d sign up for that.

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