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Designer Christian Louboutin Is Crazy About Fruit

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Designer Christian Louboutin Is Crazy About Fruit
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French designer Christian Louboutin is fond of red-soled shoes but did you know he's nuts about fruit?

The legendary footwear and bag designer admitted his passion for fruit in an interview with Bon Appétit. He loves fruit so much he admitted he simply ''could not live without it.''

''I could clearly live without fish, without salad, but I could not live without fruit. Fruit in the morning is such a big joy for me. I like to grab fruit from the tree et cetera. I don't feel that way with vegetables. Fruit you can eat it at any time, any moment, in any type of situation. I like everything about fruit, I like the color,'' Louboutin said.

He prefers pineapple and pomegranate because he finds them visually appealing. ''The pineapple is very architectural. It's a fruit that could almost be like a house. It can be a decoration that you put on the table. And I love the top, it reminds me of the hat that showgirls wear.''

About pomegranate, the designer said the contrast between the inside and the outside remind him of his work. ''It's really an inspiring fruit, and it's such a voluptuous fruit.''

Aside from fruit, Louboutin is crazy for tea and loves Italian coffee. You can read his full interview with Bon Appétit here.

Via Bon Appétit

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