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The Deconstructed Coffee That's Gone Viral

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The Deconstructed Coffee That's Gone Viral
Photo Jamila Rizvi

Australia may be the home of the flat white coffee, but its a unique take on a macchiato that has gone viral this week after a woman from Melbourne posted a snap of her deconstructed coffee on Facebook.

Jamila Rizvi posted the photo (below) on 31 May, having been served the drink at the then unnamed Melbourne cafe. She was clearly unhappy with what she received – three separate beakers containing hot water, hot milk, and espresso – commenting: “I wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment. I prefer to drink my beverages out of crockery and not beakers.”

At time of writing the post has been liked over 22,000 times and shared nearly 5000 times. The creation has largely been derided as cringeworthy ‘hipster coffee’, with Mashable going somewhat further and declaring it a sign of impending doom, but some have leapt to its defence, suggesting Ms Rizvi would have known what she was getting when she ordered it.

Ms Rizvi told the BBC that although the coffee was eventually “excellent”, she didn’t quite know what to do with it. "It makes you feel silly if you can't figure out how to drink it," she said. The cafe has since been revealed as The Kitchen at Weytlands (a South African furniture store) – read its response here. The beverage is in fact a long macchiato, rather than a flat white as initially reported.

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