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Deconstructed Caesar Goes Viral

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Deconstructed Caesar Goes Viral
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A deconstructed Caesar salad served at a Toronto cafe has gone viral this week, but not for the reason you might think.

The 416 Snack Bar’s salad was ordered by journalist Rhiannon Russell and arrived as below. Okay, so where do we start: the unappetising plating, the bacon bits or the slab of marble?

But what really irked everyone was that fact that Russell was told the restaurant doesn’t "do cutlery." So, she would have to go about constructing the deconstructed Caesar with her hands, using the leaves as giant crudités – essentially a 'hand salad,' remember them?

The internet was predictably vitriolic/hilarious in its response and to be fair, the 416 also got in on the act. Apparently no cutlery is a long-standing thing there. 

This brings to mind the famous Melbourne deconstructed macchiato that riled so many people last year. Sometimes it’s just best not to mess with a classic.

Have you had a deconstructed disaster forced on you? Let us know over on our Facebook page and share your pics!

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