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David Chang Makes Space Food (Video)

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David Chang Makes Space Food (Video)
Photo Screenshot via Youtube

Shrimp and grits taste great on Earth but how do they fare at zero gravity? David Chang recently found out when he cooked a special meal for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

A video has just surfaced from Chang's trip to NASA's Space Food Systems Laboratory in Houston back in April. During his visit he sampled space food with chef Traci Des Jardins but he also took the time to prepare a dish he hoped would please astronauts.

Chang used dehydrated polenta, freeze-dried shrimp, asparagus and peanuts to create his space-friendly shrimp and grits. The verdict? ''It's not bad,'' Chang said after sampling his gourmet treat.

Hadfield, who is now back on Earth, was able to sample Chang's dish while in space. What did he think of the out-of-this-world shrimp and grits? Unfortunately, it's a dish that's too hard to eat in space. Watch to find out why.

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