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PICTURES: David Chang Is Hungry in Tokyo

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PICTURES: David Chang Is Hungry in Tokyo

Where did David Chang spend the New Year? The celebrity chef took a trip to Tokyo where he’s been exploring the city one bite at a time.

Chang has kept fans in the loop by posting pictures of his travels to Instagram and Facebook with captions explaining everything along the way. What’s his favorite discovery so far? A place called Butagami, which specializes in tonkatsu, a popular dish of breaded and deep-fried pork cutlets.

He’s also indulged in countless bowls of ramen, uni (sea urchin roe) that made him weep and downed a Smirnoff ice (don’t judge him, he’s “ok with that!”). Oh yeah, he’s also continued to profess the “magical powers” of MSG.

No doubt, the chef is seeking inspiration for new dishes to serve at his Momofuku restaurants. Check out some of the cool moments of his foodie tour of Tokyo:

David Chang: "one of these bowls of white powder contains the magical powers of M.S.G > why food tastes better here" 

David Chang: "Tokyo ramen shops turn back the clock: shoyu flavored chicken based soup is the new black. End of the tonkotsu tyranny!"

David Chang: "The first things I want in Tokyo: peanut butter sandwich & egg salad. Everything tastes better here"

David Chang: "I drank a Smirnoff ice last night and I'm ok with that"

Images via David Chang/Instagram

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