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David Chang to Appear on Rap Album

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David Chang to Appear on Rap Album

A hip-hop song for chef, it was bound to happen and it seems that the skills of chef David Chang's stretch way beyond the kitchen. We've already seen the chef give a Google talk and his Lucky Peach magazine has proven his skills in the publishing world, and now he's stepping up to the plate as to collaborate on a hip-hop song.

The chef, who is famous for his Momofuku Ssam Noodle Bars that serve his unique modern take on Korean food, has collaborated with the hip hop group Deltron 3030.

The song is called The Future of Food and although it features the chef we're not sure in what form - hopefully he's going to drop some lyrics but with the heavy sampling style of the band it could easily be a quote or speech that's been samples from the chef.

The chef will appear alongside other collaborators such as Damon Albarn and Zack De La Rocha from Rage Against Machine. The album is called Event II and will be released on October 1st - we look forward to hearing Chang's appearance.



Source: Pitch Fork Via: Eater

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