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WATCH: David Chang Explains His New Fermented Products

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WATCH: David Chang Explains His New Fermented Products
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

In these short but insightful videos we learn that David Chang has been working with the Brooklyn-based Kaizen Trading Company to develop a line of fermented condiments.

Chang first began experimenting with fermentation at Momofuku's culinary lab back in 2010, an endeavor which later snowballed in the Kaizen Trading Company fermentation lab. 

The chef, who has long been obsessed with MSG, explained the project stemmed from "trying to understand umami" and realizing he could ferment foods using non traditional techniques. In this first video he takes a minute to explain two of his products: bonji and honzo.

Bonji is Chang's version of soy sauce while hozon is similar to miso except that it's made from fermented pistachios instead of soy and has "notes of Parmesan."

In this other video Chang explains the magic that is koji, a type of fungus used in fermentation, which is "responsible for the fragrance and the floral notes in sake and the pungency of miso." 

According to Chang, koji tastes like Fruity Pebbles. "It's amazing to me that something so simple and weird looking could have flavors you could really never dream of."

Kaizen Trading Company develops a range of fermented products for restaurants across the United States and Canada. Clients include Alder, Eleven Madison Park and Momofuku. You can take a look at their whole range of products here.
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