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Dario Cecchini at Mad3 Symposium

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Dario Cecchini at Mad3 Symposium

The poetic butcher Dario Cecchini, known for his love of Dante and of course meat, presented at this year's MAD3  - a symposium organized by Rene Redzepi and co-curated by David Chang - showing crowds exactly what his job entails or should we say entrails.

The Italian butcher, who runs the family owned Marcelleria Cecchini in the hills of Tuscany (as explained in this exclusive video), was on stage to talk about his life's work, what being a butcher means to him and how he sees a great link between his work and poetry.

It's a little gruesome as Cecchini walks on stage and immediately cuts open a pig, revealing it's insides to the knowledge hungry audience at MAD - we warn that it's a little gruesome but from an educational point of view it's an interesting look at the true art form of butchery.

Take a look for yourself - not for the faint hearted.

And here's what happened when FDL spent the day with Cecchini at his butcher's shop in Tuscany.

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