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Daniel Boulud Shows You How To Roast Chicken Like A Boss

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Daniel Boulud Shows You How To Roast Chicken Like A Boss
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If there's someone who can roast chicken like a boss, it's definitely Daniel Boulud. With a restaurant empire to his name and countless cookbooks the French chef knows more than a thing or two about roasting birds. Luckily, Boulud is sharing his top tips for making the perfect roast chicken.

In the latest Chef Shortcuts series from The Huffington Post Boulud reveals a few things you can do to improve the texture and flavor of your bird.

First up is brining, a task usually reserved for Thanksgiving. Boulud encourages folks serious about their chicken to get brining. His recipe calls for sugar, salt, honey dissolved in a gallon of water. We've previously discussed the merits of brining here and here.

Secondly, the chef recommends trussing the chicken. We know, we know. This can be pretty tough to do, especially if its your first time tying up a bird. No worries, here's a quick tutorial to help you get it right:

Next, Boulud recommends drying the chicken skin. This process involves leaving your naked bird uncovered and unseasoned in your fridge overnight. This will help keep the skin extra crispy.

Lastly, after going through all that trouble of brining, trussing and/or drying your chicken you won't want to screw it up by cutting into it too soon. Once you take your roasted bird out of the oven let it rest so it can stay nice and moist inside.

For more of Boulud's chicken tips, swing on by the Huffington Post. Need carving advice? Watch below:

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