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Damien Hirst at Burger King

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Damien Hirst at Burger King

After bringing you the news last month that the international artist Damien Hirst had created a custom sculpture for the Tramshed restaurant in London we now bring you the news that the artist has now donated another piece, this time to Burger King.

Hirst has donated his piece ‘Flame Grilled’, which is made using a special technique called 'spin painting', to a Burger King franchise in Leicester Square.

The original title of the artwork was ‘Beautiful Psychedelic Gherkin Exploding Tomato Sauce All Over Your Face, Flame Grilled Painting 2003’  - it will be proudly displayed on Burger King's wall, safely behind reinforced glass to protect it at all times.

Hirst donated the work for free ahead of the olympics but Burger King say that there is no duration attached to loan - meaning they don't know how long it will be allowed to hang in the store before it's claimed back by Hirst.

"Would you like some modern art with that whopper madam?"

Source: Burger King Press Release

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