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Dabbawalla, Indian Food Delivery Facts and Figures

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Dabbawalla, Indian Food Delivery Facts and Figures
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The career and expenses of a dabbwalla, in numbers.

Most of workers in that team is illiterate (or left after primary education).

Each earn at about 4000 to 5000 rupees per month ($ 80 to $100/month), minus 15 rupees contribution to the union.

Irrespective of morning weather they deliver home cooked food to about 200,000 people around the Mumbai suburbs.

35-40 tiffins per dabbawalla, each weighing about 2kg.

Colour code denotes owner, work address and floor.

A new dabbawalla’s minimum investment: two bicycles (4,000 rupees), wooden crate (500 rupees), white cotton kurta pyjama (600 rupees) and one Gandhi topi, the white typical cap (20 rupees).

There are only two female dabbawallas.

SOURCE: Umesh Patil Blog

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