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Cutlery Can Alter Taste of Food, Study Confirms

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Cutlery Can Alter Taste of Food, Study Confirms
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Do you always reach for the same spoon when eating soup? Will nothing but your favorite fork do at dinner time? There's a reason for that: new research proves your choice of eating utensil affects the flavor and texture of food. 

Researchers from Oxford University have found the color, shape and weight of tableware can make food seem sweeter, saltier or denser, the BBC News reports.

Their experiments showed that yogurt was perceived as richer and sweeter when eaten from a plastic spoon rather than one made from metal. When eaten with a black spoon, yogurt seemed less sweet.

Researchers also noted that cheese was perceived as saltier when eaten from a knife rather than a fork or toothpick. The study, which was published in Flavour Journal, involved 100 student tasters.

The study is good news for chefs who are interested in enhancing diner's experience just like The Roca Brothers have done with their culinary opera El Somni

Last year, British chef Heston Blumenthal participated in a study that revealed spoons made from different metals greatly affected the flavor of food.

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