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Cupcake + Macaron = The Cupcaron

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Cupcake + Macaron = The Cupcaron

Hybrid desserts may have slowed down since the explosion of the cronut back in 2013, but the mashing of two different kinds of dessert to form one sweet Frankenstein is definitely still a common kitchen game played by many.

The latest hybrid dessert to step into the limelight is the Cupcaron - yes, you guessed it, a cupcake base topped with a macaron.

It seems they were started at The Petite Sweets bakery in Houston, Texas, and come in a number of flavours, including Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream and a Red Velvet version.

Soft and fluffy on the bottom, crispy and chewy on the top and a way to enjoy that cup cake feel without the excessive amount of icing commonly dumped on top of the bun.

The Cupcaron cost $2.50 each and there’s no signs yet of cronut style queues out the door, however, we do expect a Cupcaron copy to be heading to a city near you, perhaps disguised as a MacaCup.

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