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Has the Cupcake Bubble Burst?

By FDL on

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Has the Cupcake Bubble Burst?

The Wall Street Journal is suggesting that perhaps the cup craze is finally fizzling out citing the falling profits of Crumbs Bake Shop which entered the stock market back in 2011.

The WSJ reports that the shares of the baking giant, which produces gourmet cupcakes, have fallen from $13 to just %1.70 with sales across the company down by $22 on the year.

Could this really be it for cupcakes? Are marshmallows everywhere rubbing their hands in delight at the idea that it may be their time to shine?

The piece also looks at other cupcake businesses and speaks with an investment banker who often works in the food sector who claims that the cupcake novelty has finally worn off.

What do you think? Are you tired of cupcakes?

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