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Culinary Jobs and Education Explained

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Culinary Jobs and Education Explained

Have you ever thought about going into culinary education? Ever wondered what you’d actually make as working as a professional chef?

This simple infographic from Kendall College in Chicago takes a closer look at different culinary careers and shows what an average salary for each one would look like.

On top of listing salaries, the infographic also looks at what qualifications are needed to obtain a job in each of the different roles.

For example, an executive chef should expect to earn around $69,000 but they’d normally be expected to have a Bachelor of Arts in culinary arts.

The chart is a useful snapshot of the types of education programmes available to young chefs and the kinds of job doors a culinary arts education can open.

However, there is no mention of working as an apprentice in a kitchen, rising the ranks or the chefs, like Heston Blumenthal, who enter the career with no formal culinary education.

There’s no hard rules for how you get a job in a kitchen but there’s surely a lot of hard work.



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