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Restaurant Fights Back Against Unruly Children with Parent 'Rule Cards'

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Restaurant Fights Back Against Unruly Children with Parent 'Rule Cards'

We’ve had our fair share of “baby X cries in restaurant Y” related stories in the past few years, including Alinea Gate - yes, someone actually took a baby to Alinea - and the one restaurant that banned children all together only to find it had a positive effect on business.

Now, The Cuchara restaurant in Houston has decided to deal with unruly children by hitting the problem right at the core, the parents. As many people have commented on the matter - it’s often the parents who remain at fault when an unruly child decides to ruin your dinner and the restaurant have tackled this with cards that are left on tables in the restaurant.

The cards read: “Children at Cuchara don't run or wander around the restaurant. They stay seated and ask their parents to take them to the restroom. They don't scream, throw tantrums or touch the walls, murals, windows or other patrons. They are respectful!"

The idea is to gently remind the parents that it’s really their responsibility when it comes to their child’s behaviour - a move that seems to be working well for most. One customer told KHOU that "If you're a good parent, you would see the necessity of not inconveniencing other people who may not have kids with them,” while one said it might stop people with children from returning for a second time. The owner of the restarant told the news channel that the ides came about after a child in the restaurant caused around $1,500 of damage. 

It seems a good move to us, one of the better ways we’ve seen in dealing with the issue - much better than going all out rage on a child.

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