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Is The Cruffin the New Cronut?

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Is The Cruffin the New Cronut?

Just as it started to seem like the hybrid dessert dust was starting to settle, in steps the Cruffin - a mix between a muffin and a croissant.

Created by the Mr Holmes Bakehouse company in San Francisco, FoodBeast reports that the small bakery is quickly building up a reputation and fan base for their 9am Cruffin roll outs.

The is basically a lovely flaky croissant on the outside revealing a wonderfully spongy muffin texture on the inside.

The bakery fills the Cruffins with a whole list of different fillings, including coffee crème and a passion fruit curd.

Lines are expected round the block on most days and it seems the Cronut for 2015 is set to be the Cruffin.

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