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Crowd Funding a Cow - Become a Steak Holder

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Crowd Funding a Cow - Become a Steak Holder

The sharing economy has been one of the most interesting development of the online world in the past few years with sites that allow people to share their home, share investments in new and exciting products and now, share the purchase of an entire cow.

That’s right, Crowd Cow is a new website that allows people in The States to buy their own share of a cow that will eventually be slaughtered, processed and delivered to their door.

The basic idea is trying to cut out the middle man of meat purchase, the supermarket, by linking consumers directly with the ranchers that rear the cows and the owners, Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg, say their mission is “to allow everyone to discover and enjoy the very best beef from local ranches and to make the experience convenient and fun.”

To invest in their share of a cow users have to log in and decide exactly which part of the animal they’d like to claim, starting with the liver or kidneys and working all the way up to rib and loin steaks. If enough people invest in an animal, the cow will be killed and each part sent to the appropriate person.

All the meat is dry aged and vacuum sealed before it’s posted and the company say they can currently deliver to over 1000 U.S. cities with a flat rate delivery charge of $9.99.

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